2017 _ Concertgebouw Brugge (B)

improvisation with Peter Jacquemyn (B) (double bass) and Sigrid Tanghe (B) (projection)


2008 _ SichtLaut Pigment

with Geraldo Si (dance) and I Fen Lin (dance)
with P Jacquemyn(bass) , G Gottschalk (violin), Wu Wei (sheng)
with K Verpoest, S Tanghe (projection)


2010 _ TIMELESS ECHOES (Liege, Images Sonores / Brussels, Ars Musica)

a composition from Kee Yong Chong for Arne Deforce (B) (cello) and Sigrid Tanghe (projection)


improvisation with Jan Pillaert (B) (tuba), Peter Jacquemyn (B) (bass), Klaas Verpoest, Brody Neuenschwander, Sigrid Tanghe (projection)

2015 _ Rührtriennale Essen “Wie die Orotschen sagen”

a composition from/with Carl Ludwig Hübsch (D) (tuba), Gunda Gottschalk (D) (violin), Peter Jacquemyn (B) (double bass) and Sigrid Tanghe (B) projection