from Sat. 09_03_’19 till 31_03_2019  EXHIBITION

PAPERWORK with Yves Beaumont, Hand Defer, Luc Mabille, Hanne van Rompaey and Lisa Wilkens

C_APS : Oosthelling 8, Oostende, BELGIUM from march. 09th 2019

Fri. 22_09_2018  EXHIBITION

with Tom De Visscher, Joêlle Dubois, Bart Gielen, Godfried Vervisch, Dominiq vd Wall, Frans Vercoutere, Steffi Marreel, Hervé Martijn

Zandvoorde, BELGIUM from sept. 22th 2018

Fri. 24_11_2017  EXHIBITION

with Nico Vaerewijck, Galerie 10a, Otegem, BELGIUM

WWWGALERIE10A.BE , from nov. 25th till dec. 31th.

Sun. 15_10_2017  FeBeME festival in La Vallée, BRUSSELS

PERFORMANCE with Peer Baierlein and Roald Bauldoux

Thur. 08_10_ 2017   Theater in Pumpenhaus,  MUNSTER

PERFORMANCE with P. Eisold, L. Schmidt, H. Buntjer