2x2 (=Blanck)
Multidisciplinary group-improvisation for image and sound

Sigrid Tanghe : projection
Klaas Verpoest : projection
Peter Jacquemyn : double-bass , voice
Jan Pillaert : bass-tuba , voice

image : twice, sound : twice, sound x image, picture x sound : BLANCK

Both projections communicate as musicians interact while improvising.
Besides there is a covering interdisciplinary dialogue between picture and sound.
Musical feelings, tension, vibration, rhythm, dynamism work in harmony or in contrast with the painted sfere, composition, line-drawing, volume and coloration.
Sometimes itís overpowering and chaotic, now and then itís pure harmony. Blanck is continuously in movement.

Klaas Verpoest works with real time filmed and digitally manipulated material.
What you see that very moment is really going on.
Fragmentation, enlargement and manipulation deprive the images of every realistic quality.
Klaas creates a world of moving abstract forms in saturated colours, a world of heavy contrasts with a strong rhytm. You often think to recognize something...

Sigrid Tanghe is a painter. Her installation with water-tank, work-table, water-supply, digital camera and projector transforms small-sized painting into a dynamic, continuously changing and monumental happening.
Small size is flexible, forms, traces, colours, areas and structures appear and disappear.
Water and pigments mix. They react to former plays of colours: a continuous process of forming and transforming.
Accurate large touches of the brush mix colours to a vivid hotch-potch.
The water drips or rinces, makes openings, a drop of pigment swells...

Jan Pillaert and Peter Jacquemyn, bass-tuba and double-bass, form the musical component of this ensemble.
Instrument is experiment. Circular breathing, sax mouth-piece on tuba, multiphonics, prepared double-bass, empty tins, several bows at a time, 9 inch nails, plastic bags, key-note and overtone singing form part of their repertory.

Blanck is an organic happening with own laws and an internal logic - not always transparent.
The individual picture - and sound language forms the base.
Intuitive interaction is the procedure.
In this manner projection and music follow, propel, support or interrupt each other in a constant interaction.

The result is not a piece of art.
The point is : interaction between image and music.
The music disappears as soon as the last sounds are dying out and so does the picture.